Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

Murray Law LLC represents criminal defendants in state and federal courts from arraignment through to trial and on appeal. Our representations have covered a broad range of range of complex criminal matters, including bank fraud, insurance fraud, mortgage fraud, insider trading, securities fraud, stock market manipulation, embezzlement, money laundering, health care fraud, bribery, public corruption, computer-related crimes, tax evasion, terrorism, obstruction of justice. The firm has extensive experience in federal sentencing issues, including Sentencing Guidelines calculations, sentencing mitigation and Bureau of Prisons issues.  We have also represented whistleblowers, witnesses and targets in federal and state grand jury investigations.

Representative Cases

  • Represent insurance agent charged in the Southern District of New York with participation in alleged $100M fraud involving Stranger-Owned Life Insurance Policies
  • Represent individual accused of assault in federal court in Minnesota
  • Represented individual accused of providing material support in form of computer expertise to Al Qaeda
  • Represented defendant in “Octopussy” insider-trading case
  • Represented hedge-fund portfolio manager in connection with investigation into alleged insider-trading through the use of “Expert Networks”
  • Represented accountant accused of fraud in connection with alleged ponzi scheme in three-week trial in February 2010 in the Eastern District of New York
  • Represented businessman accused of tax fraud in seven-week trial in December 2009 in the Eastern District of New York
  • Represented manager at Consolidated Edison of New York accused in kick-back scheme; secured sentence substantially below applicable sentencing guideline
  • Represented lawyer under investigation for immigration fraud; no charges filed
  • Represented book-keeper who had embezzled funds from museum employer; no charges filed
  • Represented mother of nine charged in federal capital murder case in U.S. v. McGriff, 04 cr 966 (E.D.N.Y.); successfully petitioned D.O.J. in Washington, D.C., to withdraw death notice; negotiated favorable plea bargain and sentence of time-served
  • Successfully won reversal and judgment of acquittal from Second Circuit in United States v. Lorenzo, 07-1435-cr (2d Cir. July 18, 2008)
  • Obtained hung jury verdict in the Southern District of New York in March 2008; negotiated favorable plea bargain and sentence of time-served
  • Represented computer programmer charged with violating CAN-Spam Act ; secured favorable plea bargain
  • Represented Bahamian-based investment banker charged with participation in billion dollar money-laundering scheme; secured favorable plea bargain and sentence below applicable sentencing guideline
  • Represented individual charged with participation in $10M bank fraud scheme; secured favorable plea bargain and below guidelines sentence
  • Represented compulsive gambler charged with orchestrating million dollar fraud scheme; secured favorable plea bargain and sentence that was 75% below lowest applicable guideline
  • Represented lawyer charged with bank fraud at both sentencing and on appeal; successfully secured substantial downward departure from the applicable sentencing guideline
  • Represented broker convicted of securities fraud at post-conviction sentencing proceeding; successfully secured substantial reduction of sentence
  • Represented inmate, pro bono, challenging fourth successive denial of parole, despite

Government Enforcement Proceedings

Murray Law LLC has represented individuals in investigations and enforcement proceedings brought by a wide range of legislative and regulatory bodies, such as the U.S. Congress (including the Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations), the Department of Justice, the Securities and Exchange Commission, FINRA, the Internal Revenue Service, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the New York Attorney General’s Office and the New York State Tax Department.

Representative Cases

  • Represent witness in federal investigation of securities fraud in connection with North Dakota oil exploration
  • Represent witness in investigations by U.S. Senate, D.O.J and S.E.C. of offshore tax evasion scheme
  • Represented witness in connection with federal criminal investigation of securities fraud scheme at major drugstore retail chain
  • Represented several witnesses in connection with investigations of American International Group, Inc., by the D.O.J., the S.E.C. and the New York State Attorney General’s Office
  • Represented several witnesses in connection with a D.O.J. investigation of major laboratory testing company
  • Represented outside director of Tyco International, Ltd., in connection with investigations by Congress, the D.O.J., the S.E.C. and the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office; counseled director with regard to his testimony at the criminal trials of Tyco’s former C.E.O., C.F.O., and general

Corporate Investigations

Murray Law LLC has extensive experience conducting, and defending individual employees in, internal corporate investigations. It is acutely aware of the sensitivity of these investigations, their public relations impact, and potential to transform into formal regulatory investigations, including criminal ones. It is especially cognizant of the complexities involved in preserving privilege in this context, the rewards and downsides of cooperation, and the implications of Sarbanes-Oxley and D.O.J. policies.

Representative Cases

  • Represented hedge fund manager in internal investigation related to insider trading using expert networks
  • Represented banker in internal investigation related to insider trading
  • Represented outside director of Tyco International in internal corporate investigation of wrongdoing by C.E.O and other executives
  • Counseled major pharmaceutical company in internal corporate investigation of theft of trade secrets
  • Represented individual in internal investigation of alleged embezzlement
  • Conducted internal investigation of allegation of harassment

Complex Civil Litigation

Sophisticated civil litigation is an important part of Murray Law LLC’s practice. Drawing on experience gained at New York’s top law firms, we have litigated a broad spectrum of civil cases in state and federal courts for individual and corporate clients, including claims of fraud, breach of contract, and business torts; partnership disputes; discrimination cases; intellectual property cases, including copyright, trademark and trade secret disputes; and securities fraud, RICO, and antitrust litigation.

Representative Cases

  • Represented executive in breach of contract action relating to unpaid stock options
  • Represented banker in wrongful termination claim alleging age and gender discrimination
  • Represented investors in action against hedge fund alleging breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty
  • Secured favorable settlement in wrongful termination claim by whistleblower at publicly traded company
  • Represented executive facing claims of breach of fiduciary duty and theft of trade secrets
  • Represented sports complex in several contract disputes
  • Represented individual subpoenaed to provide confidential and constitutionally-protected information
  • Represented corporate client in international action alleging antitrust and breach of contract claims
  • Represented corporate client in suit alleging violations of franchise agreement and copyright infringement

Disciplinary Proceedings

Murray Law LLC has represented and counseled professionals, employees and students facing internal disciplinary proceedings, which can impact their lives as deeply and severely as a criminal conviction. Murray Law LLC brings skills honed in sensitive high-level investigations to these multi-faceted matters, which often operate under more informal and opaque procedures.

Representative Cases

  • Represented lawyer in proceeding before bar disciplinary committee
  • Represented midwife in disciplinary proceeding by licensing authority in connecting with complications at home birth
  • Represented soldier accused by U.S. Army of desertion
  • Represented banker in internal investigation by bank into insider trading
  • Represented student in disciplinary proceeding at city public school


As whistleblowers increasingly play a key role in exposing corporate wrongdoing, individuals on, or considering embarking on, this path, need quality representation. The financial rewards in this area are great but rare, and not without downsides. Murray Law LLC has represented whistleblowers under all the major whistleblower regulatory schemes, including the Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes-Oxley Acts, the False Claims Act, and the IRS whistleblower reward program, and effectively navigated their paths to significant payouts.


Murray Law LLC is skilled in written and oral appellate advocacy. We have argued numerous appeals in civil and criminal cases in both state and federal courts, winning several notable reversals.


Murray Law LLC prides itself on its extensive trial experience. Principal attorney, JaneAnne Murray, has tried over twenty jury trials as lead counsel, garnering many acquittals and hung verdicts. While the best result in a criminal case or in a litigation may often lie in a well-negotiated plea bargain or settlement, such results cannot be achieved without continually demonstrating, as Murray Law LLC does, the skill and determination to go to trial when necessary.